Hair Check

Condition of your
hair & Scalp to

  • Examine hair and scalp at 640 & 480 magnification & illumination
  • Show Magnified high resolution views of your hair shafts & scalp. Balding areas can be identified by a clear view of the follicle less areas
  • Show dramatic and detailed views of the hair and scalp on the screen and take pictures and video to refer back to
  • Analyse and show clients the condition of their hair & scalp to recommend treatment.

With our revolutionary PRO SCOPE hair examination we can give you an in-depth look into the future of your hair .Currently losing or not, maybe a family member suffer from hair loss or maybe you just want to give you hair a check-up. The best cure for hair loss is prevention so give your hair a check-up today.

Using the pro scope development hair and scalp analysis process will help our consultants determine hair loss level, assists in measuring hair density, width averages and blockages which all help towards assessment for possible future hair loss or thinning conditions.

We use the process to examine the hair and scalp of the client which with the results can detect current or future hair loss problems and as with most thing in life the sooner the better as if we can prevent the hair loss/thinning from happening we can save the clients hair male or female for the suffering and depression that people deal with every day associated with hair loss.

Using the software results we can determine treatment options if any needed or give you advise on how to maintain your current hair or even just reassurance you that your hair and scalp is fine, just remember just because a family member has suffered from hair loss it does not mean you will for definite.


The examination will take around 40 minutes whereby one of our consultants will need to use a high definition explore microscope programme and scope on 4 areas of your scalp the consultant we also be required to use their hand to touch your hair and scalp which is all part of the examination process.

Using the process we will finally stop the worry you may feel everyday.

We can help no matter how far advanced your hair loss condition, we have tailor made treatment solutions for everyone no matter what.

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