Hair Replacement

one of the best methods of

hair replacement

for men and women.

Cosmetic Gro Hair Replacement

Grohair cosmetic systems is one of the best methods of hair replacement for men and women.

  • It is a cosmetic method that is not painful and usually suggested to clients between Stages 4-5 based on the hair status.
  • It is a tried and tested, which has been used by many men worldwide.
  • It is not a long exercise, as it takes lesser time than surgical hair replacement methods (i.e) hair transplant procedure.
  • Finally, it can be said that Grohair cosmetic system procedure is a gateway to freedom for those men fearing baldness

Objectives of Grohair Cosmetic systems

  • This procedure guarantees anyone (Men/Women) with head full of hair!
  • It’s a quick and painless non-surgical hair replacement procedure.
  • The hair looks 100 % natural & undetectable on any hair loss area.

Features of System

  • It is netted and breathable.
  • It is very light
  • The quality of the hair is supreme.
  • The hair cuticles on the hair are intact and are flexible to direct/part the hair in any direction. Cuticles are the protectors of hair against heat,chemicals,water,climate etc
  • The hair on the system gives the appearance of a natural grown hair.

Features of Grohair Cosmetic systems

  • Grohair uses Virgin Remy Hair in this procedure of hair replacement.
  • It is considered as the most advanced and sophisticated cosmetic hair replacement procedure.
  • This is a unique procedure at Grohair which provides a customized hair systems.
  • A mesh called System base is used during hair replacement which is exclusive and sophisticated.
  • The way hair is injected into the System base is an art done to suit the lifestyle, age & profession of the client.
  • The System is attached to the scalp using tapes & adhesives that is patented to Grohair.

Before and After Skin Lace System Cosmetic Procedure

Types of System


Basic system

The system is netted & breathable.

Baby Hair can be ordered (i.e) small hair at the hair line area.

The base perimeter of the system only can be attached to the perimeter of the customers scalp.

Hair is vented into this type of system base (i.e) looks & feels poked beneath the skin. Vented hair looks more voluminous.

This system type would suit clients who have good/sufficient hair on the head on sides and back.

French lace Advanced system

This system is more softer and lighter and has a French lace on the front to design a natural hair-line.
The system is netted and breathable.

This system comes with a less density compared to the basic system and sometimes scalp is visible on certain areas on the top which adds a much more natural and prominent look.

French full lace super advanced system

This system is more lighter than the basic and French lace systems.

The centre of the system is made of French Lace called Fine Weld Mono.

This system comes with a lesser density compared to French lace systems also which adds a completely natural look to the areas of the system.

Grohair Extensions

Grohair Extensions is one of the world’s most sophisticated hair extension procedures. It’s a breakthrough in hair technology that will transform dull lifeless fine/short hair in a matter of hours to create the heavenly natural look. Unlike other extensions in the market, Extensions are much gentler on hair as Grohair does not use:

No Glue
No Wax
No Weaving
No clips

Objectives of Extension Procedure

  • It’s basically an extension of hair length that is dependant on the Strength & Density of the existing hair.
  • To provide thicker and longer natural looking hair.
  • Human remy hair is used to provide the natural look.
  • They are re-useable.

Features of Extensions

  • Extensions are attached to a lock of existing hair and are re-usable time and again.
  • Extensions are human remy hair which is virtually undetectable.
  • A minimum of 25 to 50 locks are always fixed/attached on to the existing hair.
  • They are available in a wide range of length (minimum length of 16-18 inches and maximum of 22 inches), thickness and colours (23 readymade colours to choose from).
  • They can be professionally coloured, permed and styled.

MICRO Bit change

Extensions are attached to the existing hair with the help of accessories called as MICRO Bits. These micro bits need to be replaced once in every 4 weeks (30 days) when the Grohair extensions are also washed and re-fitted on to the client’s hair. In order to maintain Extensions, the following are advised:

  • Usage of Swarszkoff Spa Shampoo with conditioner.
  • For hair brushing-wide toothed comb.

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